Proper AR Room Feature(complete)

All game links are updated. If you spend more time in AR, I suggest you give this feature a try.

Demo games: POSE-ONE   POSE-R34

AR Room Setup Guide Video

Fixing AR Tracking Error Video

On rare occasions, device may lose tracking, and your AR objects may get misaligned. You can fix it using the thumbsticks.

Thumbsticks move AR objects only in the AR Room mode. In other modes, it’ll move characters as usual.

This doesn’t happen very often. You’ll be okay for a while after saving.

Sample Images in Quest Pro

I couldn’t complete the AR implementation last time. Now this is perfect with the proper save/load. 😄

This is actually usable on previous-generation headsets like 1, 2, and PRO.

That drawing procedure is not that difficult. I think my drawing process is more practical than the built-in Quest room drawing.

I’m tying up the loose ends on AR and AI before I dive into the pornstar companion game. I should be able to move on the pornstar game in real after I perfect this.

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Retsuko Photo
9 months ago

This is amazing <3