One problem with the AI

Okay. Here’s a new experiment.

Story button activates every 30 seconds to prevent spams. Let’s see how many use this gets.🙂

As a matter of fact, this is what they are doing in the AI roleplay. Users provide short clues, and then AI writes a long story based on the clues.

* Currently, I’m only reusing existing assets. In the pornstar game, more appropriate postures and gestures will be provided while talking.

My AI implementation is okay in technical aspects. But I think it is lacking in content.

My problem is that I have nothing to say to the AI. If this were a text chat, we could create an elaborate prompt to make it say interesting stuff. But this is in VR. Typing is not easy, and speech-to-text is not as good as keyboards.

It responds well if I ask something like, “How are you doing?” or “How’s your mission going?” But that’s all. I can’t find anything to say further.

Don’t you have that kind of experience with girls in real life? Looking face-to-face but having nothing to say. That’s exactly what I’m feeling when I look at the AI.

To prove this point, the AI tester is not getting much use after the first day.

So I’m thinking. I need to make it tell some stories on its own. I’ll update this post soon.

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9 months ago

Overall very good, but I didn’t enjoy the AI insulting me at times. I guess that’s more of a personal preference though.
The AI seemed to be very resistant to being dominated, and I don’t know if that’s something built into the programming or not. I guess maybe that goes with the story.
Overall it seems far more interactive than the previous iterations, however. I’m not exactly sure how you would train an AI to respond appropriately in these scenarios. This is a good start, though. If it gets sgnificantly better, I might never leave my house. Maybe there could be some tuning parameters for the AI, like sub vs dom, wild vs shy, etc.

9 months ago

i think deep down we feel stupid talking to machines. i even feel dumb doing voice to text, as i am typing right now even though your voice input works just fine! i think if you could trigger certain things to say when they are put into certain poses maybe, like having here start going on about doggystyle if you bend the model over at the hips and so forth. Maybe a couple buttons for how she speaks, such as aggressive (think of the porn actresses that scream “f**k me!” and growl alot) and passive (a setting that waits more to be cued by the speaker and asks questions that inquire what the player wants, which could cue the “do you want me to/do you like” kind of automated responses). this would maybe make the player more comfortable talking to the model to get the kind of relevent output they want to hear, possibly. the way i kind of see it is that more often than not its going to be the AI coaxing the player into talking at first, kind of like dragging an answer or of your girlfriend when you ask her where she wants to eat, haha. once the player sees that they can get the AI to talk dirty or whatever it is they want to hear, they will start talking a lot, as long as the responses are relevent. i don’t know, just a thought, i don’t know if any of that is even possible, i don’t know much about how you can trigger and guide what they well say.
are you still looking for a name for your project? Ive got an idea. also i sent an email with some screenshots (hopefully you got it), any idea whats causing the hair (and now arms) issue that ice been seeing? its also seems to be popping up more often. if you haven seen it ill send more screenshots.

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9 months ago

it will start breaking once you start any movement, even just the responses, it just builds up from there. im not entirely sure, but it seems like i first notice it when i messed with Tifa’s hair then saved it. maybe a problem like when the hand positions would break after saving, if you remember that. i say that because im thinking that i didn’t see the arm issue until after you made it so we could make arms and legs shorter and longer. i’ll. get some videos for you, i don’t seem to have a problem getting it to happen. another thing i was thinking is that ive seen the arm thing happen when i pinned one models body onto a different character ( like Aida’s body on Succubus for example) and i know ive fixed it a few times by making the model walk around using the option in the placement tab. Hopefully all this points you in the right direction. ill get that video to you soon hopefully