AI Profile Edit

I’m glad to see that AI voice chat is getting more use after implementing the custom profile.🙂

On a side note, the GPT 3.5 you’re using is called version 0613. It’ll be discontinued by OpenAI in June and replaced by a cheaper/dumber model.

When that happens, I’ll try to add Google Gemini Pro to the choices. I’ll also consider launching a paid GPT4 service.

*Currently, Google Gemini Pro logs user messages for training. So I haven’t touched it yet. They’ll launch a privacy-respecting plan soon.

Full game users can use AI Profile Editor.

If you save a custom AI profile, you’ll be able to choose your profile on the new “AI Profile” menu.

If you like AI chats, you’ll find this interesting.

First, look at what kind of prompts are running.

Then try to make up your own prompts. Maybe make it less horny or more subtle? Or copy and paste some prompts from popular AI chat sites.

Quick Prompt Tester in the AI Profile Editor.

You can chat up to three messages without going to VR.

I’ll be easier to test your prompts.

Test Shot for Next Game

This is small, but at least it’s new. I’ve implemented path-finding as a start.

I’ll create a demo when I make the girl to sit down and go upstairs.

I should’ve done this last December. But there has been my health issue. I couldn’t barely sit in front of my computer for an hour straight. I could only do some meager maintenance for the last six months.

So far, VR Hand Revolution games have been mostly made of switching poses.

This time, I want the girl to move around smoothly, and I want to implement the AI Voice command.

Consider this. We can say “come here,” “come close,” “come to me,” or any other numerous ways. And don’t forget non-English languages.

It’s impossible to recognize natural human language through simple word-matching. The “intent recognition” in AI makes it possible.

Test shot of Kyler Quinn for the next game.

These are the girls to be in the next game.

For more info about my next game, check out this post.

It’ll be an AI pornstar dating game. But don’t ask about it too much, because I myself don’t know how it’s going to be yet.

It’s basically a VR Hand Revolution game that uses fixed animations. I’d like to add AI and more events to it this time.

Recommend new clothes you like from this site.

Dance Update Complete

I’ve added one more dance move. The dance content update is complete with two moves and new songs.

I did this update for my own entertainment. 😁

I think I should really get to my real job from now on.

New costumes are not moved to the Pose Simulator automatically. It’s a hard work, need another 10 hours.

If any of you care, throw in $100 to have the new costumes on Pose Simulator.

For the last six months, I’ve been having the worst days since I started VR four years ago.

It’s a health issue. It’s not like I have a terminal disease. All kinds of moderate illnesses are coming up one after another. It’s tiresome. I can’t concentrate on anything.

So I’ve decided to do some minor jobs until my body recovers.

Luckily, I’ve gotten my hands on some new dance moves. I’ll update the dance content for a while. I’ll update this post with progress.