Uncensored AI Model

One more option to deal with Dolphin delay issue

When you’re using the Dolphin AI, as the chat history gets longer, the response gets slower. It takes up to 12 seconds get the first letter. It feels dumb.

There’s a new option to deal with this problem. Initially, “AI Memory Capacity” will be set to 50%.

If you want the AI to remember more, increase that value. But the response will get slower as the chat history grows.

GPT 3.5 sometimes refuses to answer.

That’s why I implemented the retry and delete buttons. It’s better not to have failed messages in the chat history.

Dolphin will try to answer whatever you say.

You will get fewer refusals with the Dophin, but sometimes it is less intelligent than GPT 3.5 and it’s slow.

New Dance Move and Costume

Here’s a video of new dance move. Game has been updated.

Those two costumes were taken from my old archive.

New costumes are not moved to the Pose Simulator automatically. It’s a hard work, need another 10 hours.

If any of you care, throw in $100 to have the new costumes on Pose Simulator.

For the last six months, I’ve been having the worst days since I started VR four years ago.

It’s a health issue. It’s not like I have a terminal disease. All kinds of moderate illnesses are coming up one after another. It’s tiresome. I can’t concentrate on anything.

So I’ve decided to do some minor jobs until my body recovers.

Luckily, I’ve gotten my hands on some new dance moves. I’ll update the dance content for a while. I’ll update this post with progress.

AR Room Light Customize

You can simulate a dark room while you’re in a bright room. You know, the headset tracking doesn’t work properly when you’re in a dark place.

To the AR room menu, “Light” tab is added:

  • Character color is a filter color. It cannot give color to black object.
  • Background color is additive.
  • Light customization is saved in the “Save Room” tab.

A sample simulating a dark-reddish room light.

Multi-language Support

Supported Languages : Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Japanese, Dutch, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian

I’ve picked the languages based on the top 10 purchase regions. If you’ve bought the Pose Simulator and your language is not on the list, tell me.