Leg length and Arm length?

Currently, we can’t adjust leg length and arm length. I didn’t enable those because it would break animations everywhere.

The situation has changed now.

In the pose simulator, we are aiming for total customization. So it is possible to have leg length, arm length, or neck length, waist length, torso length now.

I’ll include this in the complete version in March.

Added Yuna Songstress

Applied the hair physics to Yuna’s sarong. It kind of looks nice.

Sarong or skirt will work a lot better after I provide a way to design their curves.

I know the hair physics glitch occurs, and hair disappears. I have yet to pinpoint the cause.

R34 edition will become a paid version soon. Selling parodies of game characters (I call them stolen characters) presents a bit of a risk.

If the R34 edition is free like the free standing girls, it’ll most certainly get archived soon. I’ve decided to take a risk so that the R34 edition can grow,too.

Found a bug in character swap (one more)

Found one more problem in the character swap. Look at this image. A simplified example.

If you’ve used butt rotation and swap the character, pelvis part is somewhat broken, and cannot be fixed using posing features.

This problem will be fixed in the next patch.

This happens depending on the combination. This symptom is more noticeable on Maya because its structure is different.

See the pointy shoulder? This is not fixable by posing.

With the next update, this problem will be prevented. Existing scenes can’t be helped. Not a game-breaking problem, anyway.

AR Position Improvement

This update helps you restore the right view position in AR mode.

Always set a proper floor height.  (AR or not)

Position Restore

This will help you recover character placements in AR mode.  You have to stand where you were in your room when you saved the game.

Position in AR

If you tried AR, you’ll know what I’m saying. This will help you fine tune positions after loading.

Games are updated. Two things are fixed.
1) restoring saved position
2) reversed stick in AR mode

Private Collection Feature

One last update to Private Collection

“private update possible” message will be visible when it is possible to update a scene in private collection.

Message appears after 1) you save a new scene, or 2) load a scene from private collection.

This private collection was a very hard job and there were many bugs.🤮 This kind of “list box UI” is the hardest work for a game programmer. There still may be a bug or two.

One update to Private Collection
“Matching Characters” and “Matching Room” filters will work now.

No need to panic if your private scenes are not visible. They are all there.

This is a feature to create a private collection in your Quest Browser.

Find the scene to your liking in the web gallery, and add it to your collection.  It stays until you clear the cookies.