AI Voice Chat (moved)

*If you came through a link, it is moved to this post.  AI Voice Chat in Pose Simulator

My thoughts(or skepticism) about AI

  • The worst part is latency. It takes up to 5 seconds to generate a conversation. It breaks the immersion. -> This issue is partly resolved by streaming. But sometimes a huge lag is still happening with streaming.
  • The second-worst part is the TTS. It never feels human, and it sounds stupid too often.
  • AI itself doesn’t make a content in 3d games.

AI language model is more suited for text chat services.

This can still be effective as an advertising scheme. I’m mainly doing this for advertising purposes.

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Tyke _
4 months ago

Hi Admin this looks great, when is this available to buy? I just want an NPC in MR in my house to talk to! Will there be non sexual poses included?

Unreal Zocker
5 months ago

Hey, Rockhard, great idea, to give the charackters some voice, just curious, why dont u just cache some of the AI responses, especially the basic one coming on the action, since there are not that much actions, mb having like 20 generated responses per action cached and then randomly played, and let say every 50 action u request a new thing from real AI (and cache this into the buffer for this action) to give it some more live. Also not sure if u using own AI or the requests directly, but they are AI voice covers and i think u could replicate the original character voice. The request mostly costs a bit of something, but with the proper Buffer (u can buffer the audio directly in that case) its gonna be not so expensive i assume.