Final Update to Pose Simulator (complete)

Major updates are complete now. There are some minor improvements requested in user comments. I’ll take care of them soon.

I’m not sure about the AR feature. It’s complex and not reliable. It requires a lot of efforts from the user. I’ll provide a complete guide soon.

AR Depth Editing

In this video, you can see that headsets have tracking errors. Like we move 50 cm, but the headset reports only 48 cm of movement. As a result, my drawing and the real desk don’t match after I move around a bit.

In Quest 3, the drawing parts are supposedly automated and more detailed. But those things rarely work as expected. We’ll have to see it to be sure.

My method would have been okay too if it were not for the tracking errors.

UNDO/REDO on Posing

Only posing related changes are undo-able.

Quick One-Hand Rotate

I hear some of you hate two-hand lifting. Turn the two-hand lifting off as default to prevent mistakes.

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10 months ago

the AR Occlusion is gonna be nice, whether it works perfect with the quest 2 isnt gonna matter because we are looking at blurry B&W anyway. The Q3 shouldnt have that issue, so i think its great, and really helps out alot when using the AR for immersion (i hate using that term, but…haha). i had a couple issues while trying it out and need to send you a few pics of it, as well as an issue with the models hair that makes the scene unplayable. Ive got some pics of that too. Since this is it for the simulator, ive got 2 requests. first is more of a question, will the AR setup have the ability to draw 3D cubes when its finished? and the second thing is just a minor thing, but would it be possible in the body simulator gallery to be able to have a checkmark for body apperance too, that way if i am using, say, Bree, and i see Aida in the gallery with a pose i want, i could check the pose box and uncheck the body data box so that just Aida’s pose downloads to Bree , without affecting her looks. hopefully that makes sense. just thought id ask while youre still working on it. Anyways ill get those pics over to you of the 2 issues ive come across. how long do you think the pornstar game is gonna take? Did you get Leah Gotti Board yet? you should!. Thanks for the work youve put into this, its great!

PS-by the way, for some reason today, Aida had long hair, it was nice, it was her hair but long.

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