Body Share Save Poses

*as of 2023-9-11,  “apply body” checkbox has been added.

From now on, if you upload to the Body Share gallery in the Pose Simulator, it will contain pose.

It doesn’t have the complete scene. This is similar to the “drag and copy pose” function.

This function will help you move pose between scenes.

When you download the body from the gallery, you need to check the “Apply Pose” option to get the pose.


Along with that, The “LIKE button” from the body share menu has been replaced by Run Count. It seems Run Count is getting more response because it means viewers are interested in that body mod.

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10 months ago

do we have to do anything to turn on the AR feature, or does it just work automatically if you have something set up in the quest 2 experimental room setup.?. final update? this simulator sure has come a long way, youve done a really incredible job. i cant wait to see the pornstar project (im guessing thats next up). will you be adding original characters to the pose sim once in awhile? And will it still be possible to pay you to add new models?. i look forward to checking this out with the quest 3’s passthrough. oh yeah, will it ever be possible to mix game 34 models with OG pose simulator models?

10 months ago

So I wanted to churn out some templates for various rough poses using a single character and then the plan is to use the apply feature for the same character or other characters and tweak out from there. This seems to work but it does require changing an item of clothing or something else in order to be able to upload the new pose as a new body share save. The pose data itself does not seem to count towards the difference. Also can’t update the pose like we do for scenes. Definitely still a positive feature but needs some workarounds as of now.

Last edited 10 months ago by Blixeree
10 months ago

That AR feature sounds interesting! Makes me wish I had Pro . Thanks for the change.

11 months ago

Very helpful, thanks