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Properly placed fingers will make your scenes look professional. I encourage all of you to update your old scenes.

Finger editing video is moved to the total guide page

One tip about updating existing scenes. 

I saw that hand positions are slightly shifted when loading the previous scenes. To avoid this symptom, proceed like this.
1) load an old scene (not shifted yet)
2) update or save to private collection
3) load scene (shifted now),  fix hands, then save.

I’ll analyze the cause, but I have a feeling this symptom can’t be fixed.

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1 year ago

That finger capture is genius.

Turd Furgeson
1 year ago

This looks great. Will hair or costume paths react to the fingers if in the way?

Turd Furgeson
1 year ago

Love this update! Any chance you could have an option for the hand to disappear after selecting a body part to move? Also, could we assign an idle movement while in poise mode?