Anyone know how to see this symptom?

This is a program bug. As if a girl became a ghost like the left one?

It turns out this happens if the dynamic shadow is off. It was not a complex error. It’ll be fixed with the next update.


— BTW, I’m having a sudden back pain recently. Never had this experience before.

Game update may get suspended for a while if any hospitalization is necessary. I intend to watch the symptom for a day or two and decide.

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1 year ago

i havent seen this happen with single models where the rest of the scene is unaffected, however i have seen it happen to everything at the same time while using passthrough mostly. i think it happened once with a game backdrop. thought it was just an issue with the quest itself. i havent noticed any pattern other than it happened while in play mode when animations are going. good luck with your back and hope your feeling better soon.

Turd Furgeson
1 year ago

Couldn’t replicate it earlier. I tried loading multiple scenes, matching and not matching scenes / characters. Messed with hair flow and adjusted positions, along with body dimensions. No impact on transparency.

Sorry about your back, it’s probably from carrying the weight of this community! Rest up!