Actress 3d Scan Progress

*Notice – 3D Scan Project is postponed to early 2023 to work on the pose simulator first.

Kyler Quinn Test VR LINK
Vanna Bardot Test VR Link
Paris White Test VR Link

I couldn’t make time to create an original animation.  I reused a stock dance animation. This’ll do for a tester.

The quality is good for a mobile VR. The details of body texture are what I like best about the 3D scan.


Here’s a photo of Paris White.

Test Dance Video

Here’s the final 3D version of Paris’s head and hair.

Maid clothing test – I’m not quite sure if this is a perfect fit.



Here’s a photo of Vanna Bardot I’m trying to reproduce.

Here’s the 3D version of Vanna Bardot.

Below two are hair styles of her choice.



Here’s a photo of Kyler Quinn.

Here’s the 3D version of Kyler. Does this remind you of the person?

The game will be VR Hand Revolution.


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4 months ago

Looks like Paris White’s hair is too bright, almost as if it had light of it’s own, I recommend dimming the brightness level on that, maybe on the skin too, saturation is too high.

I’m no expert in 3D modelling, but I do know that it seems like the roughness value should be higher, so it doesn’t reflect much light.

4 months ago

Hi admin The test links look terrific out. It looks very natural and see the coloring very realistic looking. I am excited which way it will continue. greetings peddavr

4 months ago

try to do anna de ville or leah gotti

5 months ago

excellent work, One immediate improvement is the far more natural shoulder shape/movement when the models arm/s arecabove the sholder lvl, the jank is, as far as I can see, gone!. The animation is very nice but turn on the eye tracking, the eyes always looking at you adds life to a very “wooden” expression. Also is there anyway of haveing the feet not skip/slide around the floor when technically speaking the model isnt actually moving around the dance area?
All in all tho I live it, I look forward to seeing how the others come out 😆

5 months ago
Reply to  Bryghtblade

i need to proof read a bit more before posting lol

5 months ago

you’ve certainly achieved a step up from the original girls,the “bones” seem to be much better aligned. I watched the animation again and there seems to be less shake in the legs,if something can be done about the facial expressions ( or lack there of ) , I think you’re onto a winner. I take i t the body modifying will also be available?