Honoka from Old Library (complete)

Dance and Pose Simulator R34 all updated with Honoka.

It took me 20+ hours, or 4 days, to set up Honoka with complete features.

<- I feel like this.
Throw me some tips in the vrgame34 store.

This is the last “free” addition to the R34 game. I hope game fans will come out and invest for more R34 characters. this is how it works

150 or 300 is not that big a sum for people living in the US,UK,FRA or GER. I need helps to keep the R34 series keep going.

Although I’m using the DOA5 version, it’s a beauty.

I’ve added smoothing to the important parts like boob,butt,thigh and calf. Polygon quality won’t be too bad.

Except for the texture resolution, this should look as good as the recent Tifa.

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Turd Furgeson
1 year ago

For what it’s worth, I appreciate the effort! Also, the recent new and updated content has made a big difference in the value of R34. Are you active on Reddit? There are some niche communities that this could easily reach.