Resolution problem is resolved

One good news about the resolution issue.

Today, my Quest Browser was updated to version 27, and the resolution control has been revived. Quest 2 users can enjoy the crisp polygons and texts again. 🙌

If you adjust the resolution to 1.2x, it becomes the native resolution of Quest 2, and you’ll get the best screen quality.

  • It looks like anti-aliasing + 1.2x resolution slow down Quest 2 too much. I’ll keep the default at 1.0x.
  • Anti-aliasing is always on.
  • 1.2x resolution + shadow off seems to be adequate.

I’ve found a new anti-aliasing method on Quest 2.

Look how that basket became smooth. Also, the frame rate stays at a stable 45.

I patched this on most of the RockHardVR Shop games.

This would make up for the lack of resolution control for a while.

To deal with the text-readability problem,  I’ve added menu distance adjustment to the controller-menu-dragging. This will help a bit.


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1 year ago

just wanted to let you know you were mentioned in the reviews for the quest browser (not in a bad way), i took a screenshot that ill send! now to check this out, my browser just updated.