Best bet for Windows XP is..

Firefox 52 I guess. Firefox 52 was released in 2018. That was not too long ago. I probably used Firefox 52 at that time to test my HTML5.

Also, Firefox 52 will not require the web server. It’ll open the index.html in my offline package directly as a file.

Find direct link to Firefox 52 on this page –

Also about making scenes? That’s problematic. I also hope that was easy, so that I could only maintain the HTML5 maker tool, and enjoy user contents.

It requires the use of professional graphic tools. Animation is very difficult to create. You see, there are many visual novels, but almost nothing is animated like my Animated Comic. There’s a reason. It’s very expensive to animate like that.

Recently, using the consumer VR devices, gamers started to motion capture (albeit limited) without access to the expensive motion capture facility. That can become an alternative to the expensive 3D animation in the near future.

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3 years ago

Thank you for the hint.
as for the animations, i didn’t actually wanted to make animations, since i was already satisfied with the scenes i uploaded