This image board system seems good for discussion purposes

Anyone wants a discussion, put an image and open post here. Images from porn clips or other games are also nice as long as it’s a suggestion for me

It seems in the future, I’ll need two weeks for one Animated Comic. This time it’s going to be three weeks, but I was doing both programming and graphic. One thing at a time is almost always the most efficient way.

So two Animated Comic each month, or One Girl + One Comic each month

Leifang – Sexy and Horny Slut

Seeing as I really appreciate your most recent Leifang model, I might as well show the results of some slider manipulation I did some time ago.

I like to think of this as Leifang trying to devilishly seduce someone into pushing her face down onto a mattress, and have their way with her slutty asshole (for well over a decade now, I’ve had it in my head that Leifang loves taking it up the ass)! The two pictures show how Leifang used to be, before a procedure/magic/science changed her into a sultress harlot.

Thanks for allowing such a transformation!