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Finally, gaining some speed!

[cut00,cut00a,cut01,cut02] is complete
[cut03,cut04,cut05] is next work

*cut names are in the animation speed control menu

Even though this is the 3rd time I’m making this kind of animations, it hasn’t got any easier at all 🙂 But what was easy anyway, that’s why these contents are special ????

I guess another Leifang after this is impossible within this month. Instead, I’m thinking about upgrading the beach scenes this month. Although they have no plots, those sex animations are about 80% good as Leifang, no reason to abandon those

One cut complete

Yesterday having a forced break, I’m having a renewed energy now, but also became hurried ????

By the way, compare this video with the previous one which doesn’t have facial movements. It feels like a corpse without the facial movements. In a way, all our standards are going up watching this ???? All those plots, facial expressions, sex sounds.